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New Internet Explorer Zero-Day Bug Uncovered

Symantec security researchers have uncovered a new flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer currently being exploited by hackers in the wild.

According to Symantec, spam messages with the title: “re: hotel reservations”, are currently under circulation.

When users open this e-mail they will be greeted with a link that leads to a legitimate but compromised site, tech news site eWeek reports.

Engineers working with the Microsoft Security Response Centre team have said that the attack has been targeted at IE 6, 7 and 8 users.

IE 9, which is still under beta testing, is not yet under attack from the malware.

The Trojan, named Pirpi, starts automatically within the computer after its installation, and along with it runs a program named “NetWare Workstation.”

This malicious software targets Windows computers by installing a backdoor which automatically contacts remote servers.

Microsoft has confirmed knowledge of the vulnerability, but is yet to release a patch for the issue.