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Orange Unveils New Mi-Fi Device

Mobile phone operator Orange has launched a new mobile broadband router device from Novatel called the 3352 and has rejigged its mobile broadband packages to be more competitive with rival offers.

The Novatel Wireless 3352 allows five devices to connect simultaneously to 3G broadband from Orange at the touch of a button.

It sports a microSD slot and supports 802.11 b/g (but not n) Wi-Fi protocols. We suspect that the onboard storage can be used as a mini-NAS which should be interesting. The 3352 is available for as little as £49 depending up to a full price of £89, on the tariff packages.

Orange also introduced one month rolling contracts and 12 months one for its Dolphin and Racoon mobile broadband offers with existing customers getting a £5 monthly discount when they take a new package.

A 12-month, £15 per month Dolphin package for example comes with 1GB quota with one extra Gigabyte during offpeak periods from 12am to 4pm. It also comes with free unlimited access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi.

The cheaper Racoon package offers 500MB per month (for £5 per month) while Orange's Racoon PAYG offer will charge you 5p per MB, which is fairly expensive unless you only want to check your emails sparringly, but is capped at £40.