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RIM Still Tops Smartphone Market, Says Nielsen And comScore

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) still leads the smartphone market, despite Apple CEO Steve Job's claims to the contrary, new research by Nielsen and comScore reveals.

Announcing the company's third quarter results, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the iPhone had surpassed RIM to become the most widely used smartphone platform. The claim was later confirmed by research firm IDC.

However, data released by both comScore and Nielsen suggests a different scenario.

According to Nielsen, RIM continues to top the smartphone market with a market share of 37.3 per cent.

Apple was found to be second with 24.3 per cent of the market and Google's Android posted a share of 21.4 per cent, a 6.5 per cent rise from June.

comScore figures also show RIM leading, but with a lower market share of only 30 per cent. Apple is in second with 28 per cent of the market.

Google's Android OS was found to be in third place, with a significantly lower market share of 19 per cent.