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Samsung Galaxy Tab UK Prices : 5 Operators Compared

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has officially been launched 48 hours ago and we've carried out an extensive analysis of the offers on all the major service providers in the country.

Our comparison includes O2, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, Vodafone, Orange & 3 UK; note that this is only a sample of the offers available from each provider because there are literally thousands of possible variations (data allowance, contract length, optional addons)

As expected, contract prices for the Galaxy Tab don't come cheap and on all offers you will need to fork some cash initially for the device itself with some charging as much as £529.

Vodafone sells the Galaxy Tab for £499 on a monthly contract with its cheapest rolling contract costing £10 per month for 1GB, £15 per month for 3GB and £25 per month for 5GB. There's also a PAYG hybrid tariff that costs £3 per month and charges you £2 for every day that you use 3G with a limit of 500MB for that day. In other words, you could pay up to £65 per calendar month to download 15.5GB. More about the offers here.

Orange charges £529 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a one month rolling contract and £499 for those opting for a one year contract; opting for 500MB worth of data per month will cost £5 per month on either contract length. Those looking for a bigger data allowance (1GB per month) will pay slightly less initially for the Galaxy Tab (£514) and will be charged £10 per month. In addition, those going for a 12 month contract will get an additional 1GB per month between 12am and 4pm. Upping the monthly spend to £15 will offer unlimited Wi-Fi while taking 12-month contract on the £15 tariff will also include an additional 1GB between 12am and 4pm. More about the offers here.

Talktalk is amongst the cheapest, with a one-month rolling contract with 1GB data allowance costing only £10 per month and the "locked" Galaxy tab selling for £499. Up the monthly contract to £20 per month and you shall get the device for £399 with the same data allowance. The package comes with 100 minutes, 5000 texts and a free Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard dock. More about the offers here.

Like Talktalk, 3 UK has a rolling one-month contract offer for the Galaxy tab with the device costing as little as £499 and 1GB data allowance being charged as little as £10. A more generous 5GB package is available for £40 per month with a two year contract that sees the initial price of the device fall down to £99. Be careful though about not going beyond the limits as 3 UK charges a whopping 10p per extra MB. Curiously, 3 UK has yet to publish any details.

As for O2, the mobile service provider has the highest device cost at £599 on a one-month rolling contract but It has the cheapest per month cost at £5 per 500MB with the added benefit of unlimited Wi-Fi nationwide. This means that the total cost of ownership for two years should be the lowest at only £719. More about the offers here.