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Samsung Preparing AMOLED Screens For Galaxy Tab 2?

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has started the production of 7-inch AMOLED screens for devices such as tablets and may well land on the next Galaxy Tab 2.

Many were surprised by the Samsung's decision to use Super TFT screens on the Galaxy Tab rather than its own Super AMOLED. Back then, Samsung cited costs and power consumption concerns to back its decision.

One can expect the AMOLED being produced to be an enhanced version which is both cheaper to manufacture and more frugal when it comes to power consumption.

What's more, Gizmodo says that the new screens will have a resolution of 1200x600 pixels compared to the current 1024x600 pixels.

The slight problem here is that this resolution doesn't correspond to anything on the market and has a weird 2:1 ratio. It may have been better for LG to up the ante and bring out a 7-inch HD ready panel with a 1280x720 pixels resolution.