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T-Mobile Announces PAYG Samsung Galaxy Tab

T-Mobile has announced that it will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab on PAYG from the 10th of November for £529 on Twitter, nearly two weeks after we exclusively revealed that it was going to do so.

Online retailer Lambdatek was selling the tablet for as little as £522 but the page has now been removed from the site and replaced by a more expensive unlocked model.

Prospective customers are invited to register their interest on T-Mobile's landing page here and T-Mobile is expected to announce its pay monthly tariff for the Galaxy Tab over the next few days.

The Galaxy Tab comes with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor from Samsung, 512MB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, two cameras, a 7-inch 1024x600 capacitive toushcreen, Wi-Fi, 3G and is powered by Android OS.

Both Tesco and Comet sell the Galaxy Tab for £529, while Carphone Warehouse offers it with a cheap £10 one month rolling contract for £499.

Furthermore, you can check our exclusive comparison of UK data pay monthly prices from five operators for the Galaxy Tab here.