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Talktalk Unveils Mobile Broadband Package

UK's biggest consumer ISP, Talktalk, has announced a new mobile broadband package, bringing it tantalisingly close to being a fully fledged quad play player which looks eerily similar to 3 UK's broadband offers.

Like the latter, it costs £10 per month for a 1GB data allowance with a one-month rolling contract. There's no Wi-Fi package bundled and every additional MB over and above the limit will cost you a whopping 10p (1GB = £100).

The offer is only available for Talktalk customers who are already using home phone or home broadband from the company.

There is also a £30 one-off charge for the USB modem which is rather high. In comparison, 3 UK charges only £29.99 for the modem AND 3GB data allowance which can be used within 90 days.

The telecommunications company has yet to confirm whether it will be selling the package for non-Talktak customers. Furthermore, it did not provide details regarding the average speed to be expected or what network they will be piggybacking on.

A spokesperson for the company said that "We think our packages will be extremely attractive to customers looking for a low-cost but high-performance mobile phone or mobile broadband service."