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Virgin To Launch 1TB TiVo Box

Virgin will launch a new TiVo set top box made by Cisco which has HD and 3D capabilities and comes with a whopping 1TB worth of internal storage, up to 12 times more than the current generation of personal video recorders.

Although pricing and availability are yet to be announced, one can expect these TiVo boxes to be launched at the same time as the brand new 100Mbps broadband services.

TiVo came to the UK at the beginning of the millennium thanks to Thomson and BSkyB but was promptly dismissed after BSkyB launched the Sky+ PVR set top box a few years later.

Virgin Media says that the box will be able to record up to 500 hours worth of content and will have an internal modem which will allow it to deliver HD video and online services without going through customers' broadband lines.

In comparison, Sky's new Anytime+ service can only stream standard definition content for the time being although that may change soon. However BSkyB was the first one to have a 1TB STB on the market; 3TB hard disk drives are already available but we're unlikely to see those for a foreseeable future.

The company said in a statement that "Competitors’ ‘connected TV’ products rely on just one central broadband connection, typically DSL, making it difficult for families to watch online TV or TV on Demand and take advantage of the internet at the same time".