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Windows Phone 7 Easier To Develop For Than Android, Says Dell

Dell CEO Michael Dell has said that Windows Phone 7 devices are easier to develop for than Android phones.

Currently, Dell manufactures mobile devices for both the Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms.

Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Michael Dell said that his statement is based on feedback the company received from developers working on both the Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms.

Despite his statement, the CEO still praised Google's Android for all it had done for the smartphone industry, tech news site Information Week reports.

"What's interesting about the smartphone space is how it's changing into a more open-modular system," Dell said.

"It's staggering that Android has now surpassed Apple in terms of originations and this is happening at a much, much faster rate than what folks had envisioned."

Dell is set to release the new Windows Phone 7-based Venue Pro device later this month.