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App Developers To Focus On Android In 2011

Android could overtake the iPhone in terms of app development over the coming year as more developers push to work on Google's OS, a survey has found.

According to the survey, carried out by mobile-ad firm ‘Millennial Media,’ in association with ‘Digiday’ and analysts from ‘Stifel Nicolaus’, the developer community intends to focus 29 per cent of their time on developing for the Android mobile operating system, but only eight per cent on Apple's iPhone.

As the iPhone currently accounts for 30 per cent of of all development activities in 2010, it still will remain amongst the top two platforms for app developers.

Apple's iPad will also maintain its hold, with 20 per cent of the development focus of app developers in 2011.

Amongst other platforms, Windows Phone 7 is ranked equally with the iPad as developers aim to direct 20 per cent of their time on it. RIM’s BlackBerry is set to have developers working on it 12 per cent of the time and Palm and Symbian are likely to account for 4 per cent and 6 per cent of developers time respectively.