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Apple drops axe on Xserve

Apple has unceremoniously killed off its rack-mounted server solution with the announcement that it will stop selling the hardware at the end of 2010.

For many years, Xserve has offered a simple cross-platform server solution out of the box, but the expensive hardware never really found favour in an industry dominated by Windows and Linux.

Now Apple says it is "transitioning away from Xserve" but will continue to fully support the platform.

Apple suggests in a 'Transition Guide' (available as a PDF) that users who want to continue to use the company's OSX Server software can do so using either Mac Pro or Mac Mini hardware.

"Mac Pro systems deliver performance and expandability equal to or surpassing Xserve, and offer an excellent server solution for customers looking for the highest levels of performance, storage, and expandability," says the guide.

Apple also reckons a single Mac Mini running OSX Snow Leopard Server has enough oomph for businesses or workgroups of up to 50 people. And unlike the Xserve, it won't sound like a helicopter taking off and generate enough heat warm a giant greenhouse.