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Are UK Mobile Phone Networks Killing The Samsung Galaxy Tab?

So, the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet is already out on the market and all the major mobile phone networks in the UK, apart from 3 UK and T-Mobile, have already announced their tariffs; but are they doing it half-heartedly?

Well, consider this; the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tablet AND a smartphone; its unique selling point compared to its archrival, the Apple iPad, is the fact that it can make and receive phone calls.

One would therefore logically expect mobile phone operators to provide phone & data packages as well as data only packages. However, a quick look at Vodafone, O2 and Orange show that none of them are planning to offer data & voice package, which makes the Galaxy Pad's phone feature useless.

Only Talkmobile is offering a 100 minutes, 100 texts and data package for £10 per month on a two year contract. 3 UK and T-Mobile have yet to officially launch their Galaxy Tab packages but it is very unlikely that they will come up with a data & voice tariff.

So why would mobile phone operators limit the Galaxy Tab from the onset? Apart from conspiracy theories, our hunch is that the carriers themselves do not believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab is a fully fledged tablet device.

Otherwise, can some explain to me why would Phones4U would be selling the Galaxy Tab with a phone and why the overwhelming majority of retailers refer to the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a tablet PC rather than as a smartphone.