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C5 Creator Sir Clive Sinclair Unveils The X1

British Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who invented the commercially unsuccessful Sinclair C5 25 years ago, has updated his creation for the twenty first century.

The technology pioneer’s original electric vehicle was a financial flop, losing Sinclair over £6 million in 1985 after being referred to as a "death trap" by the AA due to it’s low ride height.

The new vehicle, named the X1, is very similar to the C5 in that it runs on a battery motor as well as pedal power, and rides very low to the ground. However, unlike its predecessor, the new model has a roof and weighs approximately 10kg more.

The X1 does not require a driving licence, road tax or insurance to use on the road and can legally be driven by anyone over the age of 14.

Already some critics have called the new model as "silly looking" and have labelled it "a heavy, underpowered vehicle which will not slip through traffic or cope with potholes and other obstacles as well as a normal cycle."

The X1 is expected to go on sale next summer at a price of £595.