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Female Officer Used Police Database To Find Perfect Man

A female community support officer has been fined £1,100 for illegally accessing personal data on the national police database, after using the data to seek out potential suitors.

Lucy Bevan, 25, who resigned from the Northumbria police force last September, pleaded guilty before North Tyneside magistrates to eleven counts of improperly using the police national computer as a dating tool yesterday.

Her superiors were alerted to her actions when they became suspicious about her relationship with a fellow officer.

When investigated it was discovered that she had accessed one potential partners’ details over a hundred times in one month.

A spokesman for the Northumbria force said in a statement: "Northumbria Police expects the highest standards from all officers and takes very seriously all complaints or allegations about conduct.

"On the occasions where these standards fall short, we have systems in place to ensure we take prompt, effective action."

"We hope this prosecution serves to reassure the public that we do take all efforts to maintain ethical practices by our employees."