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Google Chrome Update Patches 12 Flaws

Google has released patches for 12 vulnerabilities found in its Chrome web browser.

The patches include updates for Adobe's Flash player application, addressing a serious flaw already being exploited by hackers. Although the bug is in Adobe Flash player, hackers specifically targeted the integrated Flash Player in Chrome using malicious PDF documents.

Adobe's Reader application, which includes codes to pull Flash from a PDF file, is also flawed and is vulnerable to attacks.

According to tech news site PC Mag, Google reportedly paid $7,500 to eight researchers under the bug bounty scheme who were able to identify and report 11 of the 12 bugs.

Immediately after releasing the patch, Google blocked its bug tracking database to prevent outsiders from picking up details about the vulnerabilities.

The company usually unlocks the database after a number of weeks have passed since the patch shipment, giving users plenty of time to install the patches.

The newly patched version of Chrome browser 7.0.517.44 is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame on the Stable channel.