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Google Instant Goes Mobile

Google on Thursday rolled out the beta version of its Instant search feature for mobile devices.

The search giant first released Google Instant in September for desktops, but has now extended the search function to mobile devices running on Android 2.2 and Apple iOS 4 platforms.

According to tech news site PCmag, software engineer Steve Kanefsky said in a blog post that the company is pushing the limits of mobile computing and that people are set to notice a huge improvement in speed while searching on their mobile browsers.

According to Kanefsky the implementation of AJAX and HTML5 on mobiles has made this possible.

Kanefsky also said that the service works best on 3G and WiFi networks.

Google Instant makes searches faster by displaying most popular, relevant search results whilst the query is still being typed.

The function is on by default whenever users sign in to their Google accounts on a PC but will not come pre-activated on mobile devices.

Users will have to tap the ‘Turn on’ link appearing on Google's mobile site to access the feature.

Currently the service is available only in the US, but Google has announced plans to extend it to more countries in the near future.