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LaCie brings USB 3.0 to OS X

Apple isn't known for taking risks when it comes to new technologies. As Steve Jobs once said, when it comes to Apple Macs, the investment is made in "mature" technologies that will offer more stability and guarantee users don't trip on the unexpected.

When adopting Intel x86 as the architecture for the Mac, Apple took a leap of faith. It worked but, at the same time, stuck the company in "Intel roadmap mode". Apple has now become as predictable as the companies that supply it its hardware, and therefore is limited by those companies own shortcomings.

Hardware support for USB 3.0 happens to be a case in point.

Which brings us to the main reason for this article, LaCie, seeing an opportunity to offer Mac users a huge boost in external storage performance, has announced a free Mac OS X driver for its LaCie USB 3.0 expansion cards (for both desktops and notebooks). The driver, developed by LaCie will enable USB 3.0 devices through either PCIe expansion cards or its own ExpressCard/34, thereby raking in just about any current Mac user who yearns for a bit more performance from shiny new USB 3.0 drives, which LaCie happens to sell.

USB 3.0 offers around six times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 when it comes to data transfers, even when you factor in any protocol overhead.

Unlike most Apple-related things, the driver is available completely free of charge from the LaCie website.