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Nvidia makes a GTX 460 SE

Nvidia is cooking up something new for the Geforce crowd. has spotted an Nvidia presentation detailing the specs on a new GeForce GTX 460 'SE'.

The card will position itself somewhere below the GTX 460 768MB, yet with oodles of performance and bandwidth to outperform the GTS 450. The card will clock at a rather conservative 650MHz and use 288 shader cores (that's minus one CUDA cluster compared to the 'real' GTX 460). It will retain the 256-bit memory bus yet use a conservatively-clocked 3.4Gbps (1GB@850MHz) GDDR5. SLI, unlike with the other 460s, is limited to dual-card configurations.

Unfortunately the power consumption won't come down. The TDP will remain at 150W, and that means sticking a duo of 6-pin PEG connectors on an otherwise featureless card. In fact it all looks like enough 'defective' GPUs made it onto PCBs and Nvidia has gone ahead and marketed a pretty straightforward card without changing much of the cards' layout and components. It should still kick GTS 450 into submission frame for frame.

The SE in Nvidia's naming schemes usually refers to OEM versions that rarely see the light of retail. So there are likely to be OEM cards to stick in pre-fabbed PCs from brand names, which will give consumers a relative sense of comfort and capitalise on the GTX 460's great reputation... only not so.

Heise reports the cards should make it into PCs in the middle of November. If you do happen to come across a brand new PC with a GTX 460 inside, make sure you ask before you buy.