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Orange launches portable mobile WIFI device

One part of Everything Everywhere has brought out a mobile broadband product capable of providing Internet access, to a number of devices over WIFI.

Orange has added the Novatel Wireless 3352 mobile WIFI product to their mobile broadband range, which previously only consisted of USB dongles.

The Orange portable WIFI unit provides Internet access in much the same way as Three's MIFI devices, to 5 WIFI enabled products over the network's 3G connection.

Novatel's Wireless 3352 has a built in operating system, which delivers applications and widgets inside of the connected device's browser over WIFI. These apps and widgets are data usage, SMS, GeoSearch and GeoWeather using the GPS capabilities of the Novatel 3352.

Orange's mobile hotspot proposition starts with a one of charge of £49, escalating to £89, depending on tariffs and top-up fees.

The highest cost of the Novatel Wireless 3352 for a one month contract is on the Racoon plan, where a £5 top up offers a 500MB data allowance with the cost of the device reduced to £59 on a 12 month contract.

The lowest cost of the Orange mobile WIFI offering is on a year's contract, with a £15 a month fee that includes a 1GB data allowance and an additional 1GB to be used only between midnight and 4pm - with unlimited access to BT Openzone.

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