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Samsung Aims To Flog 40 Million Smartphones in 2011

Samsung has reaffirmed its ambition to sell even more smartphones in 2011, with a view to double the 20 million or so handsets it shipped this year.

Shin Jong-kyun, head of Samsung's mobile division, said that the company will build on the success of the Android-based Galaxy family.

The Galaxy S has sold more than five million units since it was launched a few months ago and the rumoured launch of a follow-up to the handset on Monday 8th of November, possibly in collaboration with Google, may well extend this run.

Samsung currently entertains three different smartphone platforms; Windows Phone 7, Android and Bada and it is not known whether it plans to prioritise Android back on the success of Galaxy S.

An issue that is also going to arise soon is that Samsung is in direct competition with Apple, one of its biggest customers, in the smartphone arena.

It supplies some parts for Apple's iPhone 4 and iPad like the processor and a more aggressive smartphone strategy could make the semiconductor arm of the company slightly uneasy.