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Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Version To Come Out In 2011

Another document has emerged online which points to the fact that the Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be released next year, not before Christmas 2010 as originally believed.

Android Life has unearthed a document from Best Buy which shows clearly that the device has been delayed to "post holiday".

No reason has been provided but one can posit that Samsung doesn't want the non 3G version to cannibalise sales of the more expensive 3G which apparently is not being receiving the kind of support expected from UK mobile phone carriers.

We reported in October about the Wi-Fi version of the Tab from the same retailer. Back then, the 3G version of the tablet was supposed to cost around $650 without subsidies or $399 with a two year contract while the non-3G would be available for $499.

The Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab is likely to be launched in the UK courtesy of Best Buy who are already selling the Tab for £499. The timing of the release may well be determined by the sales performance of the current version.