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Samsung Wants To Sell One Million Galaxy Tab Devices In 60 Days

Samsung reckons that it can sell one million Galaxy Tab tablets by the end of 2010, which is less than 60 days from now.

JK Shin, the head of mobile division at Samsung, says that Samsung is pleased with the initial performance of the Android-based tablet although there have been some issues with delivery.

He told Reuters that "Consumer responses in Europe and Asia have been quite good, and we are confident of meeting the one-million sales mark this year."

The Samsung Galaxy tab went on sale in the UK since last Monday, costs at least £529 unlocked and has been offered by all the major mobile phone operators in the UK at launch.

We will expect some serious price cuts in the weeks preceding Christmas (or at least some heavy subsidies) should Samsung fail to ignite customers imaginations with the Galaxy Tab.

Arguably, Samsung will be adamant to match Apple's track record for the iPad. The Cupertino-based company has sold three million iPad tablets in less than 80 days reaching its first million in the first 28 days.

Furthermore, technically, the Galaxy Tab is a phone rather than a tablet.

Apple currently occupies around 95 per cent of the tablet market worldwide and has already sold 4.2 million tablets by the end of September 2010.