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Hurd in more hot water over Fisher

Oracle employee and former HP CEO Mark Hurd is having a bad day.

The latest revelations oozing onto the Interweb suggest that Hurd, in an apparent attempt to woo actress-cum-marketing bunny Jodie Fisher, told her, presumably over dinner, that HP intended to bid to buy up EDS, information that the blonde, had she enough nous, could have made a pretty penny exploiting.

While the Wall Street Journal doesn't exactly state how it learned of such accusations it does trot them out.

The AP on the other hand, says it spoke to someone who said he knew something about the matter, but was not supposed to talk about it.

The Journal also says a deep throat told its hacks that HP had promised not to talk about the allegation which was made in the letter sent by Fisher's lawyer to Hurd, and in which HP said an accusation of sexual harrassment was levelled against the then HP chief.

Yeah, it is all a bit he said-she said.

One detail the Journal has that we thought we'd pass on is that whatever Hurd and the bird were up to, the HP board felt it wasn't getting the story and decided to give him the push.

Apparently Hurd had told his fellow board members that he didn't know that Fisher had appeared in soft-core films, but HP snoops found that Hurd had Googled fisher and found her in all her gloay at a site called It was a new one on us.

The Journal said someone said on behalf of Hurd: "Mark is a very experienced CEO; he knows what he can and can't say."

He seems a less experience suducer of blondes.

The Journal adds that after Hurd and Fisher had sttled their differences with a monetary transaction, Fisher wrote to him to put on record that her previous letter had contained "many inaccuracies."

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