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Sony PS3 Will Prevail Over Xbox 360 For Christmas Says Survey

Sales of the Sony Playstation 3 is set to surpass those of the Microsoft Xbox 360 if a survey carried out by GameVision Europe and Kelkoo is to be believed.

Around 1.8 million new gaming consoles are expected to be sold in the last few months of 2010 and up to 41 per cent (or 750,000) of those could be PS3.

More than two thirds of the PS3 sold are expected to be sold bundled with Move controllers meaning that Sony's motion controller may well exceed that of the Microsoft Kinect by as much as 150,000.

About 850,000 Playstation Move are likely to be sold compared to only 700,000 Kinect; this roughly correlates with the current Amazon bestsellers list (PC and Video Games) which currently ranks the Move at #199 while the Kinect is #248.

For the first time in three years, the Nintendo Wii may be toppled as the top gaming platform for Christmas garnering only 36 per cent of the market or 650,000 units.

According to the survey, the Xbox 360 would come out third with only 23 per cent of the market or 400,000 units sold, far behind its competitors.