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Google hinders exporting contacts to Facebook

Google has decided to make it more difficult for users to shift their Google Contacts to Facebook, despite telling THINQ it was company policy to enable 'one-click' exportation of such data.

Google reckons its only only playing a tit-for-tat game with that pesky Facebook.

“It’s important that when we automate the transfer of contacts to another service, users have some certainty that the new service meets a baseline standard of data portability,” the outfit said in a statement. “We hope that reciprocity will be an important step towards creating a world of true data liberation."

However, when we met with Google's chief global privacy counsellors nary a fortnight ago, we were told that Google endeavours to keep it easy for its users to take their data with them, should they choose to go elsewhere.

Google's Deputy General Counsel Nicole Wong said Google fosters the "idea of portability," to live up to, she said, "the idea that our competitors are only a click away." Such a policy was designed, she said, to keep Googlers on their toes.

But with Facebook rivalling Google in terms of the amount of eyeballs it delivers in front of which it can place its web advertising, it seems the social vanity site is too much like a serious competitor for Google to continue to pursue such loft aims.