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Queen joins Facebook

Britain's reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II is joining Facebook.

Buck House will tomorrow launch a page entitled The British Monarchy, which will feature the 84-year-old royal wandering about in video footage, waving a gloved hand at her subjects and sundry foreigners.

Farcebookers hoping to chum up with royalty may be disappointed, however. You won't be able to "friend" up Liz, as, in keeping with the Royal Family's status as the PR arm of UK PLC, the account will be a corporate one. She'll also be unpokeable, as indeed a monarch should be.

The Queen is reported to have approved the plan herself although she's got more sense than to have ever actually used the site herself.

Embracing the interwibble over the years, the royal family set up a video channel on YouTube in 2007 and joined Twitter in 2009. The Queen actually sent her first email on 26th March 1976, which makes most of us look like n00bs.

The Facebook page will carry the court circular and run daily updates about what Her Maj., Phil the Greek and the rest of the gang are getting up to.

You can follow all the antics from 8am, on Monday November 8th from here:

Bet you can't wait