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UK domain registrations go through the roof

The .uk suffix is now the second most popular domain name in the world, a report from registrar Nominet reveals.

According to Nominet’s Domain Name Industry report the number of sites being registered with the .uk domain suffix has surpassed those for China’s .cn.

Nominet reckons the number of .uk domain registrations has grown by 11.5 per cent in the last year, with up to 200,000 new domains being registered each month. There are now nearly nine million domains using the .uk suffix, the outfit said.

Source: Nominet

Director of marketing and communications at Nominet, Phil Kingsland, said: "Registrations in the .uk domain space have been particularly good this year, with some of the highest levels of new registrations that we've seen since the dotcom boom, despite the current focus on austerity."

Nominet also found that UK consumers are more likely to visit a .uk domain than its .com equivalent, showing, the outfit said, an increased level of trust in websites registered with the suffix.

According to the report "research shows that UK consumers have a distinct preference for .uk websites. This preference is driven by a higher level of trust and a perception that .uk sites deliver a more secure browsing and buying experience.

"When users were asked if they would choose to visit a .uk site over a .com site when presented with a search result, 80 per cent said that they would click on the .uk website