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Ad shoot reboots iPad 2 rumour mill

Rumours are rife this morning that Apple has been spotted shooting video commercials for the iPad 2.

TFTS insists that New York photographer David Sims was hired to shoot the ads at the Big Apple's Pier 59 "at some point late last month".

Despite Apple's usual tight security, leaks from the set have suggested that actors involved in the shoot were using the current-model iPads which will be replaced with the new version during post production. If that is the case, then speculation about a seven-inch iPad Mini, which have already been dismissed by Apple supremo Steve Jobs, can be pretty much laid to rest.

Of course, there's every possibility that the shoot was actually for ads for the current-generation of the proddable PC, and with Christmas looming on the horizon, Apple will certainly be outing new yuletide-themed TV ads at some point.

But who are we to stand in the way of the Apple media circus and its penchant for sexing up a slow news day with some wild speculation?

iPad 2 it is, then.