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Apple adds Hall of Fame to App Store

If you're tired of trawling through Apple's on-line software store looking for decent Apps then this could be your lucky day.

There are a gazillion bits of software on the iTunes Apps Store and, let's face the facts here, quite a lot of them are utter garbage.

You could stick to the best-selling Apps, or even go with staff favourites, but the folks at Apple have made it all the easier to skim the crème de le crème of all the fart Apps and jiggly boobs gizmos.

The App Stores new Hall of Fame features 46 'essential' offerings which no iDevice should be without and ranges from the inevitable Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies through to the esoteric Ocarina and ubiquitous Facebook.

Ranging in price from nowt (Yelp, Soundhound, Movies by Flixster) to £11.99 (Golfspace GPS Rangefinder) it's a mixed bag but will give recent iDevice acquirers a pretty good idea of what Apple's iOS4 is all about.

Just for the hell of it, we got the calculator out and added the lot up. It'll cost you £79.05 if you want all 46.

Or you could carry on digging through the 300,000 app-deep heap looking for a gem... the choice is yours. [Or you could just strap on the rubber band and actually call someone up. Ed.]