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Apple Was Offered Kinect First

The technology behind the Kinect was first offered to Apple, long before Microsoft picked it up, a report has revealed.

Israel-based PrimeSense, the developers of the technology that powers Kinect, had initially held talks with Apple before going to Microsoft.

According to Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney, PrimSense CEO Inon Beracha told him that the company first pitched the technology to Apple.

The two companies are said to have then held a series of talks before the deal fell apart.

Beracha claimed that Apple made them sign a series of legal agreements and non-disclosure forms, and, tired of the complications, the company dropped the idea of partnering with Apple and went to Microsoft.

“Apple is a pain in the ass,” Beracha said.

Apple deciding to play tough may well be of huge benefit to Microsoft, who tweaked the technology to create Kinect, currently on its way to become the single largest console launch in the company's history, surpassing that of the Xbox 360.