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British Monarchy Page Attracts More Than 125,000 Facebook Fans

One must be pleased to see that official British Monarchy Facebook page has attracted more than 125,000 fans on one of the world's most popular websites, 16 hours after it was launched.

By 9am this morning, a whopping 41,000 Facebook users had already pressed the "like" button to show their appreciation of the Royal family and the list is growing at the rate of 1,000 every 5 minutes or so.

Interestingly, the page provides with links to other official Royal websites and early reports indicate that there is indeed significant amount of traffic flowing from Facebook to them.

A significant number of people are also commenting on the notes left by the owner(s) of the British Monarchy's account with the debate often geared towards opponents and proponents of her Majesty.

There are of course a number of unofficial Queen Elizabeth Facebook pages with the most popular being that of "HM Queen Elizabeth" which has more than 28,000 "like" confirmations.

The "Near Me" tab allows those interested to track the movements of all major members of the Royal family down to Princess Alexandra, across UK over a duration of 60 days.

As expected, Youtube videos have been included in the video section and fortunately, both the Twitter feed and the Facebook page are not mirrors of each other.