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Carphone Warehouse Unveils 99p Alcatel Handset

Carphone Warehouse has announced the launch of the Alcatel OT-209, a 99p basic handset that is available on Virgin Mobile when you pick up a £10 top-up.

According to Charles Dunstone, the CEO of Carphone Warehouse, this is the cheapest mobile handset that the company has ever sold and the OT-209 is likely to be a hit with those looking for basic phone without bells and whistles.

At only 65g, the OT-209 is great, should you want to go out partying without fearing losing your expensive iPhone 4. It has large, separated buttons and a clear display, making it ideal for those boozy aftermaths.

The OT-209 allows messages to be sent to up to 10 people and you can even have hands free conference calls with up to four other people. Talktime is excellent at five hours - with a charging time of merely 120 minutes - and there's even a fake call function.

Add in the fact that there's a FM Radio, a few games and that one charge can give you up to 400 hours of standby power and it looks like it would make a perfect glove box accessory.

That said, the deal is slightly worse than last year's offer; Carphone Warehouse teamed with the Sun newspaper to offer an Alcatel OT-203 with £10 Orange top-up with free evening and weekend calls for £9.50.