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EU Set To Overhaul Privacy Regulations

The European Union is set to launch an overhaul of its privacy laws, adding new regulations which will give users more control over their information shared on the internet.

The new regulations proposed will require online companies like Google, Facebook Microsoft and Yahoo to provide details to its user’s about what personal information is being collected, what happens to the information, and how can people modify or permanently delete them, Cnet reports.

Recently, both Google and Facebook have found themselves struggling with privacy issues.

Google admitted to harvesting users' e-mails and passwords through unprotected wireless networks whilst collecting data for its Street View service.

Similarly, Facebook was in the news when a number of third party application developers on the platform collected valuable user information and sold it to data brokers.

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said in a statement that the Union needs clear and consistent data protection rules to protect users' privacy in the age of technology and globalisation. Reding also stressed the need to remove red tape to help the free flow of data between all 27 member states.