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Google Doodle Celebrates 115th Anniversary Of X-Ray

Google has celebrated the 115th anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray with a new doodle on its homepage.

The Google doodle, the search giant's way of paying homage to the great invention of the late 19th century, contains the Google logo spelled out in X-ray letters with pigeon bones, a rubber duck, coins and a key inside them.

X-ray was invented by German scientist Wilhelm Rontgen on 8 November 1895, who accidentally found this out while experimenting with cathode rays.

While experimenting in a dark room, Rontegen passed electricity over a covered vacuum tube and was astonished to see a greenish yellow glow appearing on a cardboard lying several feet away.

A week later Rontegen experimented this by taking an X-ray photograph of his wife’s hand. The photograph grabbed the general public’s attention and was later named as X-ray as per the scientist’s wish, instead of naming it Rontegen rays.

Google senior executive Marissa Mayer explained the significance of the Google doodle earlier on Monday through Twitter.

She tweeted: "115th anniversary of the X-Ray on Google (with a shoutout to April Fools 2002 - PigeonRank - in the little 'g'):"