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HP Blocks Apotheker Subpoena

Hewlett-Packard has refused to allow its new CEO Leo Apotheker to testify against his former employers SAP in court, Oracle has said.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported on Wednesday that HP had refused to accept a subpoena issued for Apotheker, asking him to testify against his former employer SAP in a copyright infringement lawsuit with Oracle, claiming that the German company were attempting to harass their new CEO.

Many believe that HP and Apotherker are being dragged into this murky lawsuit by Oracle in order to tarnish their reputations. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been highly critical of HP for employing Apotheker who was hired after Oracle took on former HP CEO Mark Hurd.

According to Oracle, Apotheker knew that SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow was stealing Oracle's intellectual property but initially did nothing to prevent it.

It is unknown if Apotheker will be forced to testify later as he cannot be reached to receive his summons, although Larry Ellison is due to speak in court later today.