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HP Board Lost Faith In Mark Hurd

The HP board has finally revealed the main reason behind the sacking of former CEO Mark Hurd.

According to The Wall Street Journal, following the accusations of sexual harassment and of expense irregularities, the HP board felt that it could not longer trust Hurd.

On 29 June, Fisher's lawyers sent a letter to Hurd, accusing him of sexual harassment. Later, when HP sacked Hurd, it had said that some expense account irregularities were found but the board announced that Hurd had not violated HP's sexual harassment polices.

However, Fisher's lawyers also revealed that Hurd had given insider information to Fisher about the company's $13.1 billion acquisition of EDS at an event in Madrid in March 2008. Later in the year, in May 2008, HP had formally announced the deal.

To each of the charges, Hurd is reported to have repeatedly changed his statements when interviewed by HP's investigators.

For example, when asked if he knew that Fisher was a soft porn actress earlier, Hurd had denied knowledge.The investigators later found that he had in fact visited the website, which contains Fisher's photographs.

The HP board was unable to prove any of the charges bought against Hurd, but had voted to sack him as they no longer had faith in him.