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iOS 4.2 launch date rumours ramp up

The web is abuzz with rumours about the launch date of Apple's iOS4.2 operating system and it could arrive as early as tomorrow - November 9th - if some of the chatter is to be believed.

We already know that gold master editions have been delivered to select developers, and an NDA-busting video has appeared on iDevice blog TiPb which, along with a comprehensive walk-through of all of the new features, gives a pretty hefty hint that Apple is about to hit the big green GO button.

iPhone and iPod users aren't getting much in the way of new bells and whistles because, as Steve Jobs said at his recent keynote, this release is "All about the iPad."

Apple's proddable PC is finally being brought into line with the other iDevices in this upgrade and will soon sport multi-tasking, as well as wireless printing and media streaming using Airprint and Airplay respectively.

So it might be tomorrow... or it could be the 12th depending on who you believe.

In the meantime we're sitting here with iTunes running, and pressing the 'update' button every five minutes or so just so you don't have to.