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iPhone Flash-playing App back on sale

Skyfire, the cloud-based solution to viewing banned Flash video on iDevices, is back on sale, though it might be sold out again soon.

The folks at Skyfire have been beavering away over the weekend to beef up the company's servers in order to keep up with demand for the iDevice App which transcodes Flash video on the fly.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software proves so popular that, within five days of launching, the amount of traffic on the company's server caused a melt-down which forced it to slap a 'sold-out' sticker on the iTunes App Store for the first time ever.

In a blog post, the company's Jeff Glueck said, "We are going to open batches of downloads for new users over the coming days. The first batch will be in a few minutes on the Apple App Store. It will be first come, first serve [d]."

Gleuck warns that there may be some "initial congestion" as a flood of new users tries to access the servers at the same time, but that things will settle down eventually.

Explaining the decision to stop sales rather than give people a shoddy service, Gleuck spun, "Due to overwhelming demand, we are taking this approach because Skyfire believes a good user experience should come first, and we would rather have fewer, happier customers, and add new users as we can support them. We will open the first batches to US users only, with additional country support to follow shortly."

If you want to be first in the queue when the next batch is fresh out of the oven, best follow Skyfire on Twitter.