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iPhone jailbreak code goes open source

The source code for the current best-bet jailbreaking option for Apple's iDevices has been made open source.

According to OSX Daily, key portions of the Greenpoison hack have been released under a GNU Public Licence by the iPhone Dev Team, giving other hackers the opportunity modify the source code and relese their own versions of the iPhone unlocking software.

The released code is called Syringe and is described as "an injector module for Greenpoison", hence the name.

It acts as a basic framework allowing exploits to be sent to a variety of Apple devices as well as booting the device out of recovery mode and into a jailbroken state.

You can get the source code at github, but we'd be remiss in our duty if we didn't tell you not to tinker about with it if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Failure to listen to our words of warning will almost certainly reward you with a very expensive paperweight.