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Kinect hacked to run under Windows

A modder by the name of AlexP claims to have hacked Microsoft's waggly controller, Kinect, and get it to work under Windows.

In a post on the NuiGroup forum, Alex said he undertook the project purely as "research", and says he managed the "first tests of controlling the Kinect NUI Motor and reading the Accelerometer data from a PC."

The outlook "looks good" he says, "for other sensors (i.e. cameras and microphones) of the device."

Just last week, Microsoft got all hot under the collar over a competition launched by Adafruit, a company which specialises in robotics and electronic equipment which offered a cash prize for the first hacker to deliver open source drivers that allow the use of the technology behind Microsoft's Kinect. Microsoft is likely to be even further miffed by this latest development.

Meanwhile, a second hack apparently demonstrates the sort of images the waggler "sees".

A code fiddler seems to have coverted Kinect data into a video stream.

Here's that effort in action: