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New : 10 Things That Have Changed

By now, we hope you are enjoying the new and vastly improved! The new design reflects the dozens of suggestions and criticisms we've received from our readers after we pushed the last upgrade.

This update is our most dramatic one yet since the site was launched in 1999. With it comes some surprising changes and additions; here are a few:

1. Logo

We now have a new logo, one which symbolises the vibrancy of the new with a kaleidoscope of coloured triangles - 30 in all - arranged in an hexagonal structure to signify the many content channels we deliver (see 4). For the first time in a decade said goodbye to our "sky blue" colour scheme behind for a more colourful future.

2. Tagline

Together with a new logo, we now have a new tagline, "24/7 Tech Commentary & Analysis", which underlines what the site is all about. We gather, summarise and analyse leading technology news stories from all over the world to bring you the quintessence of the news, every day of the week. We are here to help you save time hunting down the hottest news!

3. Search

Search takes a bigger place on the new ITProPortal. Not only is the search field bigger and more central but it is also faster, more intuitive and searches both in titles and in the article body (yes we've listened to your queries!).

4. Improved Navigation / Channels

We've distributed content across 13 carefully chosen channels horizontally in our top navigation. Clicking on any of them brings up a sub-navigation bar with the most relevant tags for each channel. We're still tweaking the navigation during our initial launch period and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Expect further improvements.

5. Look and Feel has adopted a neutral & airy predominantly clean white colour scheme.

6. It's faster!

ITProPortal is now quicker than ever before thanks to some aggressive features implemented by our crack team of developers and graphic designers and we've moved our servers closer to our core audience, right here in London. The new ITProPortal should load around three times faster than the old model and we believe that we will be able to make it even faster over the coming weeks. Independent online testing services show that we're now faster than national websites like Sky News or the Independent.

7. Better pictures

Picture speak a thousand words, so, we are refreshing and developing our current library of pictures, photographs, diagrams and designs in a bid to deliver better visual reading experience across our site. Moving forward, expect exclusive pictures, useful concept pictures, product snaps and screenshots.

8. Mobile Access

One of the most common complaints that reached our inbox (and Twitter feed) was the lack of a truly optimised mobile edition of The new launch delivers a dedicated mobile browser edition for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android - you can reach it via, failing that, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of our website when using one of these devices. Expect much more from us here with more functionality and more platforms being supported.

9. Article carousel

New to is the article carousel, where you can quickly see one of our five hand-picked stories in a loop. The carousel highlights the most important stories of the day

10. Better integration with our sister websites

Much is being done in the background to integrate our portfolio of sites which now includes, and Expect to see more site sites in our portfolio as we go through the most aggressive growth we've experienced in our 10 years of servicing the world of technology professionals and enthusiasts with 24/7 Tech Commentary & Analysis. Stay tuned for more!

Tell us what you think by getting in touch with me (email me via email, on Twitter or Facebook). To find out more, visit our corporate website at