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New Nvidia Video Card Demoed

Nvidia has shown off an as yet unreleased PC video card, designed for gaming, that promises better cooling and less fan noise.

According to tech news site Slash Gear, the yet-to-be-named video card will come with a vapour chamber design. This will result in better cooling options, which can lead to higher overclocking and therefore better graphical performance.

Another key feature of the upcoming vapour chamber gaming card, which was seen running the Call of Duty: Black Ops game, is that it will result in far less noise from the video card's fan, providing a much quieter environment for gamers than traditional air-cooling gear.

The company were also keen to stress that the video card will prove to be quieter than the current Nvidia GTX 480.

As the new Vapour chamber video card addresses two vital concerns of gamers, Nvidia have really thrown down the gauntlet to rival card maker AMD to produce a video card which is as good or better as the Nvidia prototype.