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Royal Navy Website Hit By Hacker

The official website of the British Royal Navy has been attacked by a hacker, forcing the Ministry of Defence to take it offline.

According to The Telegraph, a Romanian security researcher/hacker, who goes by the name of TinKode, has claimed to have breached the government website and accessed its database.

The attack comes weeks after the government vowed to strengthen Britain's cyber security and come up with new and more effective ways to respond to cyber attacks and threats.

Sophos security research Graham Cluley said that the attack was especially embarrassing because of the recent Strategic Defence Review, which is set to spend hundreds of millions of pounds in order to prepare for and combat cyber threats.

The attacker, on the other hand, is more of a show-off than a hacker with malicious intent, Cluley told the BBC.

"He's obviously more of a show-off type of hacker rather than malicious," said Mr Cluley.

"But if he'd wanted to he could have inserted links which would have taken the website's readers to malicious sites."

According to Cluley, the attacker only managed to gain access to the Royal Navy blog, called Jackspeak, and another section called Global Ops.