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T-Mobile Unveils Mi-Fi Device

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile has released a new portable 3G Mi-Fi device called the Wireless Pointer which allows users to remain connected while on the go.

The device, which has been launched only a few days after Orange launched its own Mi-Fi device from Novatel, allows five devices to be connected simultaneously.

Interestingly, the Wireless pointer - which looks like a smartphone - also comes with a useful mobile broadband signal indicator that allows users to position the device so that they get the strongest signal plus a nifty microSD card slot.

It will be available for free on two year contracts (details to be provided soon) and will cost £70 (including £10 top-up) T-Mobile's Pay per day service.

Expect up to five hours battery life and speeds of up to 4.5Mbps with Windows and MacOS compatibility; unlike the Orange model. Mi-Fi devices are useful if you have more than two devices that need to be connected to the internet and do not have a USB port.

If you already have a laptop and a dongle, you could very easily connect it into a Wi-Fi hotspot using Connectify; ditto for most recent mobile phone handsets that run Android, iOS or Symbian OS.

T-Mobile already has a T-Mobile Plus Mobile WiFi offer that's available through Carphone Warehouse for £20 per month on an 18-month contract. It doesn't have an indicator and doesn't look as sexy as the Wireless Pointer but it costs only £20 per month with 3GB data allowance.