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Windows Phone 7 Copy Paste Function Due Early 2011

Microsoft plans to bring a copy paste feature to its Windows Phone 7 platform by early 2011, a company executive has said.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Director for SharePoint, Arpan Shah, announced that the update will be available in a few weeks.

The platform has been criticised for not providing such a crucial feature, but should soon silence the naysayers with the new update.

“Critics have commented on the lack of specific features like copy & paste and lack of 100s of thousands of new applications. And while both are true, copy & paste will be available as an update in a matter of weeks (early 2011) and as for applications, it’s just a matter of time,” Shah wrote on the blog.

He stressed that Microsoft is not a dying brand, despite entering the smartphone market late, mentioning Kinect, Xbox 360 and Windows 7 as some of the products that had made an huge impact on the market.