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Windows Phone 7 Launched In The US

Windows Phone 7 handsets have landed in the US, with wireless carriers offering the smartphones from today and more devices set to be launched over the coming few weeks.

US wireless carrier AT&T is already offering the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus and is set to release the LG Quantum in the near future.

T-Mobile has only launched the HTC HD7 so far, but is set to launch the Dell Venue Pro in the next few weeks. The phone can also be pre-ordered from Microsoft or directly from Dell.

The platform is being considered as Microsoft's last attempt to carve a niche in the smartphone market, and has so far been met with favourable reviews, suggesting that the effort has not been wasted.

Aside from some drawbacks, like the lack of a copy paste feature, which will be included in early 2011, no support for Flash and no landscape mode, the operating systems brings a fresh new approach to the table.