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ZTE Peel To Convert iPod Touch Into iPhone

Chinese manufacturer ZTE will test Apple's patience by releasing a sleeve for the iPod Touch that can convert the portable media player into a smartphone.

Voice calling can be enabled using a VoIP solution like Skype or Line2 and we're likely to see a dedicated ZTE application that does the job as well.

BGR says that the Peel will be available from the 14 November with a 1GB data plan costing $30 per month. The device was spotted by Phonescoop back in July with a Sprint Logo and the mentions CDMA2000 3G Qualcomm.

Stand alone pricing, overall iPod Touch compatibility as well as availability elsewhere have yet to be confirmed. It is not the first time though that a manufacturer has announced the release of a sleeve that converts an iPod Touch into an iPhone.

A few months ago, another (albeit smaller) Chinese manufacturer unveiled the TPhone which not only adds the ability to make voice calls but also increased the battery life.

Note that the ZTE Peel, while adding 3G capability to the iPod Touch, apparently removes its ability to take pictures or record movies since the sleeve obstructs the camera hole.