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Adobe Criticises Apple's Negative Campaigning

Adobe has criticised Apple for "inciting" the negative campaigning aimed at its Flash software, saying that it not only hurts the company, but also the developers.

According to Fast Company, Adobe's chief technology officer Kevin Lynch said Apple's claim that Flash is heavy on the CPU is a false argument, further stating that even HTML 5 uses the same amount of CPU power as used by Flash.

Previously, Ars Technica had found that Flash cuts the battery life of Apple's new MacBook Air by as much as 33 per cent, and not using Flash boosted the notebook's battery life to 6.2 hours.

To this, Lynch said: “When you're displaying content, any technology will use more power to display, versus not displaying content. If you used HTML5, for example, to display advertisements, that would use as much or more processing power than what Flash uses.”

“I just think there's this negative campaigning going on, and, for whatever reason, Apple is really choosing to incite it, and condone it. I think that's unfortunate. We don't think it's good for the web to have aspects closed off--a blockade of certain types of expression,” he added.