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Amazon To Increase Publishers' Kindle Royalties

Amazon has said that it is set to increase the share of revenue publishers will receive from periodicals sold via the Kindle store.

According to the company, the publishers will receive 70 per cent of the revenue generated by the sale of their publications on the Kindle.

The move is a part of Amazon's efforts to attract more newspapers and magazines to its Kindle platform.

Amazon plans to offer more compelling content that will lure users into adopting the Kindle store as their place to buy e-books - even if they don't own a Kindle.

The online retail giant allows users to purchase and read books and newspapers through its Kindle app, available for Windows, Android and Mac.

In order to qualify to receive 70 per cent of the revenue, publishers will have to make their periodicals available for all Kindle devices, apps and regions where they have rights.

Peter Larsen, director of Kindle Periodicals said in a statement: “Building on the recent introduction of Wi-Fi-enabled Kindles and the upcoming availability of newspapers and magazines on Kindle Apps, we're pleased to add an increased revenue share and a great new tool for making Kindle better and easier than ever for publishers.”