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Apple Patents Scrollable Menus For iOS And Mac OS X Lion

A newly discovered Apple patent indicates that the company is working on scrollable menus and toolbars for its iOS and Mac OS X Lion-based devices.

Patently Apple, a blog dedicated to unearthing all patents filed by the Cupertino giant, reports that the technology could consolidate on-screen menus and reduce desktop clutter.

The patent application, which was filed in Europe last week, refers to a "novel method for presenting a menu in a graphical user interface" that would consolidate the menu and make it scrollable the moment a user touches it.

If Apple decides to introduce this technology in the future iterations of its devices, users will be able to activate menus and commands by touching an area of the screen.

Apple says in the patent: “For example, a user does not want a floating tool palette that takes up too much of the screen. As more options get added to a tool palette, the tool palette must get larger or the size of the options must get smaller.”